Travel Tips


  • Be Flexible
  • Make a list
  • Learn a new language (a few phrases)
  • Bring a sarong
  • Always buy travel insurance
  • Travel light (less is more)
  • Bring extra underwear
  • Always go out of the box
  • Be adventurous
  • Roll your clothes & use packing cubes
  • Never travel without a travel consultant/advisor
  • Apply for your Global Entry card.... makes life much easier. 
  • Communicate with your Travel Advisor.  The more they know about you the better your needs will be met.

  • It cost you NOTHING to have representation and someone on your side.  Travel Consultants are paid by the suppliers - Never the guests!  We spend hundred of dollars educating ourselves on Ships, destinations and hotels... all to benefit our clients.

Whats New?



September 7-14, 2019


New ship.-Come Explore the Norwegian Joy.  Pricing starts at $1500 per person - Interior  stateroom - extras and On board credit.  How about Go Cart racing on the ship?  Great way to see Alaska.   Group space & pricing.  Round trip Seattle.



We handle all aspects & planning details to include travel, accommodations, meetings, events & activities.


I'm Debbie


I AM A TRAVEL ADVISOR/INFLUENCER or perhaps  "AN ESCAPE ARTIST" Ive been helping people escape for 10 years!

I'm excited to begin planning your ultimate escape.  Cant wait to hear from you.  Whether you are looking for a fabulous cruise or an adventure vacation.  We do all things for all people.  

I love to travel and have those experiences.  Several times a year, I invite people to come with me, on my own adventures.  Always a
GR8 time.

Feel free to call or email me for more information.   My guests always become friends and I am looking forward to meeting you.

Odds & Ends

DAWN writes:

If i could just put this out there, how great it is to have a travel agent such as Deborah Pascalli..We have told everyone we can how great it is to just leave all the planning to her and we have full trust that she has all of our best interest and enjoyment in heart..thank you Deb for everything and we loom forward to our next adventure after Punta Cana 

DIXIE writes:

Debbie is the best!! 

PAM writes:

I Totally agree! Absolutely the BEST! 

DENNIS writes:

Where do I even was just amazing! Thank you so very much.   Thank you very very much for helping us create such incredible memories. You are the best. ;-) 

SHARON writes:  Debbie, many thanks for  all your help with our annual company retreat.  The team building activities for our employees were fabulous!  I think the activities helped our executive staff forge new relationships with our employees.


Stay tuned....


  • DO I NEED A PASSPORT ON A CRUISE? Not always...but most of the time.  Better safe than sorry!  If you miss the ship, you'll need a passport to get a plane ticket.
  • DO I REALLY NEED A TRAVEL CONSULTANT?  Travel agents spend time and money educating themselves on products and destinations.  Why would you research for hours on you own?  Having representation costs you NOTHING!  NADA, ZIP!  Travel agents are paid by the suppliers not you.  
  • DO I HAVE TO SPEND EXTRA MONEY FOR TRAVEL INSURANCE? Absolutely not!  But considering the minimal cost.... you should.  It gives you protection if a family member needs medical care, a family member at home is hospitalized or has a car accident.  Perhaps the area you're traveling to is affected by extreme weather or a terrorist event.  I have travel protection.... so I really recommend that you have it also.  Such a small cost for such peace of mind.
  • DO NOT CONTACT A TRAVEL CONSULTANT JUST FOR FREE ADVISE.  Remember , that you need this persons professional opinion and there is NO cost to you to have an ADVISOR.
  • CAN YOU DO GROUP EVENTS?  Absolutely!  We can do events that are on cruises or at a particular destination. or resort.  Near or far! We are able to facilitate most any US or International destination .  Because of our connections and affiliations we are able to facilitate and handle every detail of your event... planning, accommodations, health and wellness events, corporate meetings & family events.

West Palm Beach Vacation Rentals


Light and Bright

Perfect for 2 people.  Can be rented for 3-4 months or a couple of weeks.  Right in the heart of beautiful West Palm Beach.  This place is paradise for many and home for many more.  Once you stay you will truly understand.  I am a cute one bedroom apartment with a great Olympic size pool, state of the art fitness center with billiards room.  Lovely grounds and an extremely 'resort' like feel.


Roomy Living space with comfortable balcony

Enjoy your breakfast on the comfortable balcony and enjoy the tropical breezes.  The grounds are filled with lovely lakes and lots of mature palm trees.  You will be so comfortable in this cozy space you will never want to leave paradise.


Big - Roomy kitchen

New Kitchen - Newly renovated. Truly all the comforts of home.  But, did you really come on vacation to cook?  We are 10 minutes to the beautiful beaches, lovely Palm Beach and all its delights.  The International airport is just 10 minutes down the street.  Availability is just a phone call or email away.  Reserve your time now.